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 ·         What is WorldFX?

WorldFX is one of the fastest growing money transfer service providers in Australia. We have number of agents all around Australia for sending and receiving money to and from other countries of the world. We also offer online money transfer service to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and other countries at a very competitive rates.

·         Can I send money without Registration?

We only offer our services to our registered customers. The registration process is simple, fast and only needs to be done only once.

·         How long does it take to transfer money ?

Cash Pick Up: Within 1 business hour after receiving your complete money transfer order and after receiving money in our bank A/C.
Bank Account Deposit: Within 1-4 business days after receiving your complete money transfer order and after receiving money in our bank A/C.

·         What are the payment options available?

At the moment you can pay to our Australian Bank A/C using online bank transfer and POLi Payment system.

·         What are Delivery or Deposit Methods available?

There are 3 types of
Deposit Method that world fx uses in order to complete your  money transfer order:

1) Bank (Ezy Transfer) - Cash or Cheque deposited in the overseas bank A/C locally to complete the order within 1-3 business days. Suitable for Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines and Malaysia.

2) Cash (Foreign Remittance) - The Receiver can pick up cash within 1 business hour after its Sender completes the order and after we receive money in our bank A/C. Cash could be collected from designated banks or collection points of many countries around the world. This is similar to MoneyGram or Western Union service.

3) Bank (Foreign Remittance) - International Money Transfer (IMT) or Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to an overseas bank A/C. Money would be deposited within 1-4 business days to the overseas bank A/C as Foreign Remittance or as International Money Transfer. Suitable for Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, USA, UK, Canada and all the other countries.

·         Can I bring money from overseas ?

Yes, world fx is licensed for inward remittance to Australia  from overseas. This service is available only for certain countries of the world. For more information, please call
+61 433 325 727 or Email:

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