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WorldFX Exchange House is one of the fastest growing money transfer service providers in Australia. Online Money Transfer to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Fiji, Indonesia, Philippines and other countries has never been so easy.

We have three money transfer method available for you:
Method 1 - Bank Ezy Transfer (ET) - Using this method, WorldFX uses other remittance service providers in Australia to offer the best possible exchange rate to its customers. Funds get deposited in the destination bank account within 2-3 business days. This method is not the quickest way to transfer money overseas, but our goal is to provide the best rate to our customers using this method.

Method 2 - Cash Foreign Remittance (FR) - Instant cash pick up service is only available for Bangladesh at the moment. In Bangladesh, instant cash can be picked up from any Uttara Bank branch in Bangladesh. This is the quickest way to send money to Bangladesh. After receiving the order and money in bank account, we will process the order within 30 mins and send you the PIN.

Method 3 - Bank Foreign Remittance (FR) - Electronic Foreign Remittance or Telegraphic Transfer to a destination bank account using WorldFX's own banking channels. This transfer takes 3-4 working days to be available at recipient's bank account. The exchange rate for this method is lower than Bank Ezy Transfer (ET) due to additional process it involves.

Our Transfer Fees:

Zero fee for Pakistan.

Only $4.99 transfer fee for India.

$6.99 transfer fee for Bangladesh and 

$10 for all the other countries of the world.


Our Services:

·         Bank Transfer as foreign remittance to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and all over the world

·         Instant Cash Pickup for India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Middle East

·         Bank Transfer in foreign currency e.g. USD, GBP, CAD, EUR, NZD, JPY, SGD, FJD, INR, PKR, LKR, HKD


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